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James Brookes—I was delighted to publish James' first collection with Pighog, the pamphlet English Sweats. Poetry you can chew!
Brendan Cleary—the poet. Huge gratitude for his encouragement and guidance. Nailer of naffness. 
Ciaran O'Driscoll—one of the finest poets of his generation, and one of the most satirical too. Poetry as music, meditation and fun.
Andrew King—a very talented and versatile photographer responsible for many of the event shots here.
Antony Owen—making strange and sonorous poetry often about war, often about so much more. 
Sue Ridge—the artist. One of the sharpest eyes and most observant brains I know. A huge pleasure to collaborate with her.
Michaela Ridgway—multi-talented organiser of the Pighog Poetry Nights in Brighton.
Kay Syrad—beautifully crafted poetry by a beautifully crafted person! Now focussed on eco-poetics and developing a course of workshops.
Bob Walton—Well-deserved recognition by Seren. Organised the Footwork collective when he lived in Sussex. 
Jackie Wills—one of the first poets I met in Brighton who's been a great mentor. My honorary poetry guardian angel.


Birmingham—the great city of the English Midlands where I was born and brought up, and home to Aston Villa.
Italy—the love of the love of my life and me.
Ledbury—wonderful poetry festival, stunning countryside.
Limerick—I was bewitched by the city and its people when first I went there and its appeal has never waned.
Porthcurno, Cornwall
Venice—see Italy.

Porthcurno, Cornwall    Photograph ©2019 John Davies All rights reserved