John Davies

Writer and poet

Nest—the North Amercian edition of John's New and Selected Poems is now available from Red Hen Press.  

‘This collection presents a nuanced web-work of familial experience, vivid and detailed, tracing an arc from a welcome to a newborn along to a greeting of parental spirits from the past. The natural world is richly observed ... in poems alive with colour, texture, and pace. A sparing use of rueful wit plus a varied and strong use of form further distinguish this exciting new collection.’    Penelope Shuttle

Click here to watch the 360 VR recording of the Brighton show based around John's New & Selected poems.

‘John is one of the most captivating writers and skilled communicators that any festival, community or school could invite into their lives.’    Sheila Deegan, Arts Officer, Limerick City and County, Ireland